My Secret

Everybody in Marblehead, Massachusetts knows me by my real name, Zeus.


Everybody in Marblehead also knows

the Superdog known as Superfluff, who saves animals in trouble.


But, what they don’t know is that I am he and he is me!

THAT is MY big secret!

Some of my Superfluff adventures have become legend.

There is a rumor that some are even being written into books!

Like when I saved a bunch of animals from Chef Midnight’s boiling pot on Halloween night.

And when I saved all of the Christmas puppies and kittens from Jack Frost and brought them back to Santa to deliver on Christmas morning.

And when I helped Cupid bring back all of the puppy love after an epidemic of rotten arrows!

I’ve had LOTS of adventures and I can’t wait to share them!

Keep checking back here at so I can keep you up to date on when the books are ready for you to read!

Love, Superfluff

One response to “My Secret

  1. Barbara Gherzi ⋅

    Way to go, White family! Bravo!!!! Barbara G.

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