Superfluff Fan Mail!

Dear Mrs. White and Family,

Thank you for all of the Superfluff books that you made. Our class enjoyed them very much. Our class voted the Valentine book the best.

You guys have such fun creative ideas. You use detailed words, we like that. We like how you use real places in Marblehead. We learned some interesting new facts. One of them was we did not know there was a bell tower on Abbott Library. We enjoy the funniness with some serious. We love how you did characters we know about. And how you made up related characters to the real characters. We also like how have lots adventure and action. It’s cool how there is a real picture of Zeus and a made up picture of Superfluff. We like how you use action and describing words. There is lots of talking in it, that’s great! We love how you turned your dog into a superhero. It’s such a creative idea!

So, we would like to give you big wishes for making Superfluff!  Thank you!

Your friends in Mrs. November’s Class

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